My family's always had a profound interest in what you might term the supernatural – spiritualism, myth, ghostly goings-on, and the like. I'm sure you know what I mean. For some of us, interest transcends hobby and becomes vocation. A calling, if you will. This is an old city, and one with secrets that sit poorly with what it pleases us to call the modern era. Some are downright hostile. It's my job to make sure they remain secret, or else remove them entirely.

-Ernest Blackwood-

Enter the Dark Tube

The London Underground – a modern marvel, whisking commuters and tourists beneath bustling streets. But the tunnels are home to much more than commuters and tourists. The city of the present day is built on the bones of older times, and across the thresholds of distant worlds. Unquiet spirits roam tunnels stinking of burnt dust and sparking electrics. Feral remnants roam disused lengths of track, lurching blindly away from the sudden glare of train headlights. So much is hidden. So much has been forgotten.

But something strange is happening beneath London. Commuters are vanishing. Some return, babbling of endless mists, black rivers, and crumbling temples. Others are never seen again. Not alive. The hidden denizens of the tunnels no longer flee the lights of civilisation, but roam the platforms. Something is driving them to the surface; something that must be stopped before it's too late.

This looks like a job for Coldharbour.

Coldharbour is a cooperative adventure game for two to five players. A fiendish Adversary has awakened in the forgotten reaches far below London and grows steadily stronger by consuming the denizens of the Underground.

Players adopt the roles of Coldharbour's agents, racing to fend off the Adversary's minions and uncover forbidden lore needed to solve the Dark Tube's mysteries. Succeed, and they'll imprison the Adversary. Fail, and London will only be the first city to suffer...

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