Quiz: Which Divine Creature are You?

There are many strange and terrible creatures roaming not only the realms of Aradane, but also the farther fields of the Celestial Clock. The question is: which are you? Will you protect and nurture ephemerals, slay them without thought or ignore them entirely? These things matter, after all.

Take the quiz to find your truth. Honest answers only!

You should probably ask your friends to do the same. You can’t be too careful.


Mortals are…?

The night is…?

The Dark is…?

Your purpose is…?

Life is…?

You are but one desire, distilled. What is it?

Come the light of Third Dawn, you will side with…?

Wisdom, Truth, Beauty or Justice?

Your relationship with your creator is…?

What is your existence worth?

Which Divine Creature Are You?

A Daughter of the Moon

A mercurial child of the goddess Ashana, you are by turns cruel and kind, depending upon your mood. As a creature of light, you are wholly opposed to the all-encompassing Dark ... but that doesn't mean you're terribly fond of ephemerals.

A Serathi

Angelic in aspect - if not necessarily nature - you are proud, determined and perhaps more compassionate than you prefer to let on. Fools are to be suffered only through generosity, and tyrants should keep a civil tongue in your presence, lest they lose it.

A Revenant

You are an aspect of the enigmatic Raven - a keeper of departed souls, and a guardian of Otherworld's mists. Your purpose is your entire existence, with little scope left for distractions. What value can such things have when death is inevitable?

A Thornmaiden

As a Thornmaiden, you change with the seasons, but your adoration for your sire seldom fades. If only ephemerals were more fun. Sometimes they don't seem to understand how the game is played at all. And they're fragile too. Boring!

A Varloka

You are a builder at heart, toiling in Astor's forge to underpin the foundations of Lumestra's creation. Divinity is in labour and purpose, not ego and ambition, but it is no sin to be proud of one's works ... after all, what is built long outlasts mere mortal flames.

A Rusalka

You are a daughter of the Black River, wronged in life and sent back to punish the treacherous for their crimes. Which isn't to say you don't find joy in other things, when the desire is there, but your nature cannot be put aside forever ... even if you wished it could. Which you don't.

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