Quiz: Find Your Chapterhouse

The Tressian Republic is home to many knightly Chapterhouses, each responsible for maintaining its traditions, tutoring highblood sons and daughters in the arts of war and defending the realm against its many enemies. To join their ranks takes years of toil, a wealthy sponsor and unflinching dedication.

Do you have what it takes to take a knightly oath? And if so, to whom will you pledge?

Invite your friends to take the quiz … just to be sure you can trust them.

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To see the Chapterhouses in action, grab copies of LEGACY OF ASH & LEGACY OF STEEL today!

LEGACY OF ASH (available now)

A shadow has fallen over the Tressian Republic.

Ruling families plot against one another with sharp words and sharper knives, heedless of the threat posed by the invading armies of the Hadari Empire.

The Republic faces its darkest hour. Yet as Tressia falls, heroes rise.

‘A hugely entertaining debut’ John Gwynne

LEGACY OF STEEL (pre-order)

A year has passed since an unlikely alliance saved the Tressian Republic from fire and darkness – at great cost. Thousands perished, and Viktor Akadra – the Republic’s champion – has disappeared.

While the ruling council struggles to mend old wounds, other factions sense opportunity. The insidious Parliament of Crows schemes in the shadows, while to the east the Hadari Emperor gathers his armies. As turmoil spreads across the Republic, its ripples are felt in the realms of the divine.

War is coming… and this time the gods themselves will take sides

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