Quiz: Find Your Chapterhouse

The Tressian Republic is home to many knightly Chapterhouses, each responsible for maintaining its traditions, tutoring highblood sons and daughters in the arts of war and defending the realm against its many enemies. To join their ranks takes years of toil, a wealthy sponsor and unflinching dedication.

Do you have what it takes to take a knightly oath? And if so, to whom will you pledge?

Invite your friends to take the quiz … just to be sure you can trust them.


What is your preferred weapon?

A knight's chosen weapon reveals much about their character... and their calling.

The Tressian Republic is...?

What does the Tressian Republic mean to you? What do you picture when you meditate upon it?

Which of the Gods do you follow?

Ephemerals have ever sought guidance from the Divine. In your moments of need, to whom to you reach out?

A hero is...?

A simple enough question, but with a multitude of answers. What say you?

What makes a great leader?

A knight is more than a warrior, more than a soldier. She is an example to all others.

If you could no longer fulfill a knight's duty, what vocation would you seek?

Battle is an unyielding mentor, and not all can endure its lessons forever.

Your forces are trapped and outnumbered. What do you do?

A knight's character is most plainly revealed by deeds at the point of no return.

Where do you choose to fight?

A knight is most dangerous from his chosen ground. Select yours with care.

The foe send forth a champion with a challenge of single combat. How do you respond?

A duel can turn the course of battle, bringing hope to the hopeless and filling treacherous hearts with dismay.

A knight's greatest treasure is her...?

Gold is not the only measure of wealth. Indeed, it may be the least.

What Manner of Tressian Knight Are You?


You are a bold knight of Essamere, a shield first and a sword second. You fight to protect the weak from the strong, without fear or favour.



You are a knight of Prydonis, an inheritor of bold traditions and bolder deeds. With your every act, you venerate those who came before you.



You are a knight of the Sartorov Chapterhouse, free of the trappings of state and driven onwards by your own sense of duty.



You are a knight of Lancras, humbled by wisdom and bound to serve those who have need of your skills. If called to battle, you will fight, but victory is often born elsewhere.



By your answers, you reveal yourself loyal to Fellnore, and obsessed with personal valour. You tolerate peace grudgingly, for heroes are only ever forged in battle.



You are no honourable knight of the Republic, but a slinking denizen of the Crowmarket!

Be off with you, and find your own quiz.


By your choices, you appear not to be a Tressian knight, but an Immortal in service to one of the Hadari Kingdoms. Whether or not this is a bad thing, we leave to you.


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