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Right, I don’t blog much. Don’t blog at all, really, for the last couple of years. But I’m going to make a bit more of an effort. We’ll see how it shakes out.

Today, I’m going to talk a little about Legacy of Ash.For those who’ve managed to avoid my social media presence for the last few months – Hi, how are you? How did you find your way to this blog? Please let me know in the comments – Legacy of Ash is my epic fantasy debut, being published by Orbit in November.

There’s a signed, limited edition hardback available in the UK, plus English-language eBook and audiobooks available pretty much wherever.

If you’re looking to dive in, please, please, please pre-order – not only to show your support, but also to avoid disappointment. The hardbacks are thin on the ground, and a strictly limited run.

I’m sure we’ll talk about the book itself in more detail in weeks to come (I really want to talk about it, but, you know, spoilers…)





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A shadow has fallen over the Tressian Republic.

Ruling families – once protectors of justice and democracy – now plot against one another with sharp words and sharper knives. Blinded by ambition, they remain heedless of the threat posed by the invading armies of the Hadari Empire.

Yet as Tressia falls, heroes rise.

Viktor Akadra is the Republic’s champion. A warrior without equal, he hides a secret that would see him burned as a heretic. Josiri Trelan is Viktor’s sworn enemy. A political prisoner, he dreams of reigniting his mother’s failed rebellion. And yet Calenne, Josiri’s sister, seeks only to break free of their tarnished legacy; to escape the expectation and prejudice that haunts the Trelan name.

As war spreads across the Republic, these three must set aside their differences in order to save their homeland. However, decades of bad blood are not easily forgotten – victory will demand a darker price than any of them could have imagined.


‘Packed with big battles, shadowy intrigue and a large cast of characters, Legacy of Ash is an absorbing debut’ 
James Islington

‘Legacy of Ash is hugely entertaining. A well-written tale of flawed, interesting characters set in a nation on the brink of rebellion. It’s a tale of heroism, loyalty and treachery, and it has some really cool magic. There’s a lot to like here and I for one am looking forward to the next book.’
John Gwynne


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  1. OMG I LOVE this novel!! I am savoring the last few chapters oh so slowly because I don’t want it to end and have to wait another year for the next installment! I am an avid sff reader and also love B5. I recommended this to my sff friends and said it is right up there with J.I. “Shadow of What was Lost’! I so want Viktor to triumph including in romance, sure you know what i mean. I hope he still has that blue ribbon. Thank you for this wonderful story. A truly epic saga!!

    • Hi Kathy,

      Glad to know you’re enjoying it! (And thanks for stopping by to say so.) I shan’t give anything away, I promise 🙂

      Please consider leaving a Goodreads/Amazon review once you’ve triumphed over the last few chapters. It all helps spread the word.

      Happy reading!

  2. Your story grabs the reader from the very beginning and never lets up! I didn’t want it to end so I read it again! I’ve got post it stickers in at least 14 places so when the next installment comes out i can review what i think are “clues” & read them again! I haven’t done that with a book in a very long time. Magnificent! There are so many more levels to the characters and their true backgrounds than are revealed. I can’t say enough about this book!. 5 stars and thank you Mr. Ward for giving us Viktor Akadra and Kurkas and the plant pot, excuse me “Lady plant -pot herald of the…”, lol. left this on amazon for you – only wish I had a better way with words to convey just how brilliant, how superb the story is.

    • Thanks Kathy! Glad you liked it. I’m sure you’ll find plenty to love in LEGACY OF STEEL later this year.

      (Probably a few familiar faces, too.)

  3. Very interesting book; the direction shifted from a political potboiler (not a bad thing in itself) to something… else, with stronger fantasy elements. Reminded me of some of Brandon Sanderson’s works (which is a very high compliment.) I look forward to Legacy of Steel, and more background on the various and very interesting deities.

    • Hi Doug. Great to hear you enjoyed it! Can you commit to a favourite character at all?

      Legacy of Steel’s shaping up to be even better, and I can’t wait for it to get out into the world. In meantime, I hope you’ll consider leaving a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. Reviews make a huge difference to a book’s reach *incoherent mutterings about algorithms*.

      Thanks again!

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