‘Innocence Lost’
Now Available for Pre-Order!

Promises were made. Promise are kept. 

Well, here we are. Another month, and another Coldharbour story is about to take flight, ready to land in Kindles everywhere. Want to know more? Keep reading…

There is always further to fall.

An assault. A mystery. Facts that refuse to align. Signs pointing to the involvement of an otherworldly outsider. The Coldharbour agency’s bread-and-butter, aboveground or below.

For Carlotta Bosco, it’s an opportunity to prove herself to the irascible Professor Blackwood. But as the investigation proceeds, the stakes shift. Everything has its price… innocence, most of all.

If you’ve not encountered Coldharbour before, picture a secretive organisation with the unhappy task of keeping London’s manifest collective of secret perils both secret and decidedly less perilous. You know how the lights go out on a Piccadilly line train between South Kensington and Knightsbridge? You jump the first time it happens, then laugh nervously at your foolishness for being scared of a power cut. Coldharbour’s the reason you’re still there to do that. The commuter to your left? The one with the rucksack? Don’t worry about what happened to him. After all, you can’t save everyone.

As with RootsInnocence Lost is a standalone story. Sure, you’ll get more value from it if you’ve read Rootsor even the Coldharbour tales in Edges of the Worldsorry, were you expecting subtle? – so it’s always worth grabbing those while you wait with baited breath for Innocence Lost to roll around. Speaking of which, you can pre-order Innocence Lost on Amazon right now! So what are you waiting for? Click that link!

Innocence Lost releases Friday 25th of May.

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