‘Roots’ Now Available for Pre-Order!

Well, this has been a long time coming. 

I’ve been wanting to get some more Coldharbour shorts out into the world (well, not so short – I believe ‘novelette’ is the correct term, but I digress). In a rare burst of efficiency, that moment is now – starting with Roots a tale of love, family, identity… and terrible things lurking beneath London.

(Come on, it is a Coldharbour story).

The lure of the bitterest secrets is that they long to be shared.

A rainswept afternoon. A stranger with a mysterious request. The call of long-lost treasure. Just another day in the life of the Templeton & Kessler – London’s foremost private investigators. Or is it?

Isra Samara’s already struggling to keep a grip on her life aboveground, and an expedition into London’s hidden depths is sure to stir up old memories. The smart thing to do would be to walk away – stay in the safety of the surface world, and not cross the secretive Coldharbour Agency. But Isra has bills to pay, and ‘smart’ doesn’t come into it…

For the uninitiated, Coldharbour is a clandestine organisation responsible for combating the otherworldly perils that creep into subterranean London. Understaffed, underfunded and too often lacking that all-important team spirit, Coldharbour muddles through, keeping commuters safe from things one really shouldn’t see from a tube train window. Horror, with a wisp of fairy-tale whimsy.

Roots is a standalone story, so if you’ve not delved into the darkness beneath London before, you can jump right in. That said, it does build on characters in the Survivors and Convergence shorts published in Edges of the World, so if you can’t wait to get stuck in, grab a copy of that anthology, and you’ll be caught up in time for release.

Roots is available for pre-order on Amazon, and releases Friday 13th of April. 

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