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Been a while, hasn’t it?

After the flurry of Solstice Surprise releases last year, I wouldn’t blame this blog’s three habitual visitors for thinking there was nothing new in the works. (Well, assuming they’d missed the release of Evil is a Matter of Perspective and Frostgrave Ghost Archipelago: Tales of the Lost Isles, each of which contains one of my short stories).

But I have not been idle.

A chunk of this year has been spent filling the mouths of certain, fan-favourite videogame characters with fresh quarrels, conversations and the like – but I can’t really talk about that at the moment.

Another hefty slice has allowed me to lay down the first volume of a new fantasy series (which I’d love to talk more about, but probably shouldn’t).

A third has been invested in discussion with my agent, as we determine what’s the best direction for the world of Aradane. Yes, Edric fans, we’re getting back there before too much longer, promise. But I can’t talk about that either, because why spoil the surprise?

So let’s delve into something that I’m not only excited about, but can actually discuss! Namely, Frostgrave: Second Chances.

First in a new series of Frostgrave novels (and it is a series because I’m writing another one right now, so there!) Second Chances follows Yelen and Mirika Semova – two delvers scrabbling for a living amongst the ruins of the Frozen City. It’s a dangerous existence, fraught with betrayal and unseen peril, but the sisters have thrived where so many others have perished. However, with old debts coming due and deceitful forces gathering, their bond will be tested as never before…

For those not familiar, Frostgrave is Osprey Games’ hugely popular table-top miniatures game, where duelling warbands of wizards and mercenaries clash over the treasures of the fabled city.

In fact, miniatures for Yelen and Mirika are already available over at North Star Military Figures. It’s been a few years now since I had one of my characters rendered in 28mm form, so two at once is simply delightful.

That’s about all I’ll say at this point, because (again) why spoil the surprise?

I will say that Second Chances has been a blast to write, and I’m hoping to return to some of the characters later along the line, editorial overseers and schedules permitting.

Oh, and I’ll also leave you with a link to the first chapter, which you can read for free (that most agreeable of prices) over at Osprey Games. The book itself can be purchased direct from Osprey, as well as from all good bookshops – and I daresay a few ropey ones too.

As for the rest? That other Frostgrave novel I probably shouldn’t have mentioned? The videogame thing? Returning to Aradane? Well, we’ll get to them another time.

Until then, may the light of Eventide shine upon you.

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