Into Darkness

Time for a little Coldharbour news.

What is Coldharbour? You can find out more here. And follow the disturbing occurrences on the official Twitter Feed:

Following a batch of successful playtests last month (which resulted in some serious changes to sinister Adversary, the Judge, but also confirmed that the Raven is hard, but fair) I’m inching closer to a full set of production files. The aim is to get the last couple of card decks (currently scribbled out in marker and pencil) wrapped up by the end of the year, and then I’ll be delving into production options.

Can’t wait that long? Well, your first option is to grab a copy of Edges of the World, which has not one, but three Coldharbour stories within its covers. (Actually, all five stories are connected to Coldharbour, but the whys are wherefores of the others are my secret for now. Come to Nottingham Comic Convention, and maybe I’ll talk about it)..

The other way to ease your lack-of-Coldharbour-related frustration is to pop along to my new Redbubble store, and peruse the fine selection of t-shirts, mugs and other items, featuring characters and locations from the Coldharbour setting. (As well as a few items that may or may not have been stolen from the Black Station incident rooms – but I won’t tell Professor Blackwood if you don’t.)

You’ll also have the opportunity to buy some prints in person if you stop by Nottingham Comic Convention later this month, as I’ll be there with a table full of books and postcard prints.

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