Edges of the World

A little while ago, I posted the cover for a forthcoming anthology, Edges of the World, saying that I’d speak a little about it later. Well, now it’s later, so let’s have a wee talk.

Edges of the World is a collection of otherworldly stories set in the United Kingdom – specifically London and Cornwall. Between them we have ghosts, legends, intruders from distant realms and a goodly chunk of magic and horror. Those following the exploits of the Coldharbour organisation will find a few tales to tickle their fancy – not least, the final part of Convergence – as will those interested in where Eventide intrudes beyond the dark spaces beneath Nottingham.

Each story in Edges of the World is a self-contained tale, but you’ll recognise the odd setting and character if you’ve been following my other works. Everything, as I’ve said before, is connected – if only by a thread.

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“The light must shine.”

From the dank tunnels of the London Underground to the rolling Cornish moors, England hides many secrets. When the mists rise, distant realms brush against the boundaries of our world. Creatures from whispered folk-tales stalk the forests. Nightmarish shapes scurry into the shadows, waiting for the sun to set and darkness to reign once more.

Some seek those secrets out.

Others are sought themselves…

In five tales of mystery and horror, take a glimpse beyond the world you know, and journey into a hidden landscape of ghosts, damned souls and immortal malice.




Trailsford’s Archway

London, 1841. A cabinet of wonders. A demonstration for the great and good. A showman seeking government patronage. But what is Trailsford’s Archway, and where does it lead? Before the night is out, Sir Arthur Wellesley and Horatio Blackwood will have their answers, God rest them.

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Weeping Marya

With their murder investigation gone sour, DC Tom Marsh and DCI Rose Penhallow will try anything to get to the truth. Or almost anything. But Carann Bridge is a place trammelled by legend and folklore… Could it be someone – or something – else will beat them to it?

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The Sigh of the Sea

Kerren Morgan left Trekerris five years ago. She’s never looked back – not until now. Unable to ignore her father’s cryptic letter, she returns home to the dwindling fishing village, expecting yet another bitter quarrel. What she finds instead… Well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it?




Something’s escaped from the British Museum. Again. This looks like a job for Coldharbour. Unfortunately, London’s premier paranormal containment agency has problems of its own. Battered by recent events, the only operatives Coldharbour has to hand are the embittered Lucille Dragaud and rookie field agent Lizzy Holman. Neither woman believes the other has what it takes to bring this affair to a successful conclusion. Then again, self-belief isn’t exactly in plentiful supply, either…

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Five stories. Five men and women in search of purpose. Five lost souls driven by the past. Is it fate that draws them together, or are they simply the only folk available? It hardly matters. The paranormal agency known as Coldharbour is still reeling from its own bloody challenges, and will take whatever comes to hand…


Interested? Of course you are. Edges of the World is coming to Kindle and paperback on October 31st.

Keep your eyes on www.thetowerofstars.com for more information.

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