The Road Ahead

As I write this (surrounded by cats who’ve passed out from the heat), I’m anticipating my agent’s edits on a manuscript. This is one of those ‘it’ll make it real’ steps – one of many yet to come. Life’s a bit like that, don’t you find? Fortunately, I’ve plenty to keep me busy, and plenty more to talk about. That thing about buses coming all at once? Well, turns out that’s the fate of a freelance writer too.

So where to start? How about with what’s already out there (or in progress)?

The Evil is a Matter of Perspective kickstarter was a roaring success, battering its way through all but the final stretch goal. My contribution, The Game, will be winging its way to backers alongside some of the finest short fiction available. On top of that, last week saw my short story Brazen Dreams take a starring turn on the Starship Sofa podcastBrazen Dreams appeared way back in Grimdark Magazine issue #4 (still available via the Grimdark Magazine site) and it’s great to see it loose in the wilds again, in a new format (and one that’s a first for any of my work). I’ve also, this very morning, had a lovely review of A Matter of Belief, courtesy of Brian Wilkerson of Trickster Eric Novels

So that’s the past, what of the future? Well, first and foremost, August sees a couple of exciting releases.

First up, the definitive edition of Shadow of the Raven lands on the 1st August, in Kindle and paperback forms. As with previous definitive editions, this has received a substantial re-edit, representation and overall tarting up. If you already own Shadow of the Raven on Kindle, your copy should update without any further purchase. If you don’t, Shadow of the Raven is enrolled in Amazon’s Matchbook program, so if you buy a paperback, you can claim a Kindle copy for free.

August’s other (and for me, more exciting) release comes courtesy of Grimdark Magazine. My short story The Price of Honour is not only appearing in Issue #8 – it’s the cover story! My first cover story. The Price of Honour is another tale in the futuristic setting of Court Solaire, and unfolds at roughly the same time as Brazen Dreams. Want to get a foot in the door before the first novel in the Court Solaire series lands? Now’s your opportunity.

Cover Art for Grimdark Magazine #8
by Jason Deem of SpiralHorizonArt

Last but not least in the ‘not so far future’ bracket, comes the return of Charles and Inga from Queen of Eventide in a forthcoming anthology. More details on this as I have them. No, I’m not going to tell you if it’s set before or after Queen of Eventide. You’ll have to read it for yourselves.

As to the further future? Well, as you’ve probably seen, I’m threatening a couple of ‘coming soon’ entries on the Free Fiction page. I’m aware it’s been a while, so I’ll pop one of those up before too much longer. I’ve been commissioned to write a few novel for a gaming setting (which we’ll talk about in more detail nearer the time) and there’s more work to be done on the Coldharbour board game. My wife’s taken mercy on my artistic skills and started providing images for some of the Mystery cards. I’ll be sure to get some of those up in the next few weeks so you can see the shape it’s taking.

In the meantime, please keep reading. Keep telling me what you like (and what you don’t).

2016’s been a year of great opportunities so far, and there’s more to come.

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