An Update from the Tower

As I announced earlier this week, I now have a literary agent! It’s been a long time coming – depending on how you do the counting, it’s anything up to four years – and, to be honest, it still doesn’t seem real.

So, beyond repeating what most of the three of you already know, what’s the purpose of this post?

Well, firstly it’s to say thank you to everyone who’s supported and believed in me to this point. And I don’t just mean those of you who’ve shelled out money for the various self-published bits and pieces over the last few years (although those of you who have are obviously more awesome as a result). No, I mean everyone who’s offered encouragement, feedback and chances to get stuff into print. Hell, even folk who’ve never said a word, but pop back to read this blog and download the freebies I offer for download; I see all the metrics, and it’s reassuring to see that there are actually more than three people reading my ramblings.

I hope you’ll all stick around for the next phase. As my beta-readers will surely tell you, the best is yet to come.

Secondly, all of this came about at the end of my Solstice Surprise announcements regarding my self-publishing plans (the biggest surprise having been saved for me, seemingly). So, what changes? The short version is, absolutely nothing. The Tribute still releases this Friday, definitive editions of A Matter of Belief and Shadow of the Raven will materialise later this year, and the long-awaited sequel Light of the Radiant will soon be available for pre-order. I also have a bunch of short fiction I’ll be popping up on this site in the next few months – don’t worry, Convergence will keep coming.

So that’s it, really. Thanks; stick around and keep reading. As long as you do, I’ll keep writing.

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