The Tribute

Remember I said I’d be releasing more stories into the wild? Well, you’ve seen some of that with the Queen of Eventide paperback, and the Coldharbour stories available on this very webpage. In two weeks time, the ranks swell even further with the release of The Tribute, exclusively on the Kindle store.


The only light is that which you take with you.

Caught between two warring nations, the village of Rackan has teetered on the brink for generations, its folk eking out a living on the edge of the Contested Lands. Now, a third power has turned its eye upon the helpless villagers. When the moon rises, the demonic whispering ones stalk the streets, spiriting folk away to the court of twisted Jack, lord of cursed Fellhallow.

When her father’s pleas to the Tressian army fall upon deaf ears, Mira Torinsal agrees to bring tribute to Lord Jack, and plead with him to spare Rackan and its people. But no one goes to Fellhallow. At least, no one goes there and returns…


The Tribute marks a long-overdue return to the fantasy world of Aradane, previously visited in Shadow of the Raven and Matter of Belief. It’s a land of hidden gods and forgotten magic, where folktales hold more than allegorical warning.

Where Raven and Belief are both set within Tressia’s reassuring stone walls, The Tribute is a tale on the edge of civilisation, where strange shapes gather on the edge of the light. It’s also an important part of Aradane’s ongoing story, touching on one of Shadow of the Raven’s central characters, and introducing others who you’ll see elsewhere in the coming months and years.

Nor are readers of Queen of Eventide left out – they’ll spot a familiar face in The Tribute. You see, the mists don’t just separate our world from Eventide. Following the right (or the wrong) path, travellers can find themselves in any one of a dozen worlds, including Aradane, Court Solaire (the setting for Brazen Dreams, as published in Grimdark Magazine), the realm of Vaalon, where an empty throne keeps watch over a shattered land, and others besides. Some beings have the power to walk those paths at will, and you’ll catch fragments of their stories scattered throughout my novels, short stories and novellas.

But anyway, back to The Tribute. Amazon willing, it goes on sale as from the 1st July. If you can’t wait that long, check out Queen of Eventide (if you haven’t already) and remember, the Evil is a Matter of Perspective kickstarter is still live. My short story, The Game (also an Aradane story) is in august company, and if the backer goals are hit, you’ll get e-copies of The Tribute and A Matter of Belief for free!

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