The Return of the Queen

I said it was coming, and here it is: a softback edition of Queen of Eventide is now available to purchase from Amazon. As I mentioned in last week’s blog, this is the definitive edition, encapsulating a bunch of the (often humbling) writing lessons learned in the last couple of years, so there’s never been a better time to check it out.

In celebration of this weighty milestone, this week’s additions to the Coldharbour agent roster are three characters from Queen of Eventide, carefully written up in a spoiler-free(ish) format so you can check them out before ordering your copy. Don’t believe me? Well, I’ll just throw a little something out there: a bunch of the agents on the roster have already died in the line of duty. Sad to say, a character’s presence on this website doesn’t guarantee they survive their story intact. The agents included in the Coldharbour game represent a ‘best of all worlds’ situation. After all, who am I to deny you, the players, access to characters just because they’re dead. Maybe you’ll keep them alive where I didn’t. Going off playtest experience, I doubt it, but there’s always a chance.

So, what place do characters from Queen of Eventide have in Coldharbour, anyway? Thing is, pretty much anything I write under my own steam happens in the same universe. Coldharbour and Queen of Eventide are easy. They’re both set in the ‘real’ world, so are only a train ride away from one another (if you check out the Home Station entry on the new agent cards, you’ll see that the characters in question have literally got of a train from their respective homes). As to the rest? I won’t get into the nitty-gritty of it all, because that does start to veer into spoiler territory, but answers are coming.

Last week, I said that I’d be putting more and more stuff online, and I’m sticking to that promise. Next week sees the second part of Convergence on this ‘ere website (better read Part One now if you want to catch up). I’m also pleased to announce that my dark fantasy novelette ‘The Tribute’ will be making its way onto Amazon sometime after that, and that’s only the beginning. Watch this space for more details.

As a side note, I’ve mentioned Amazon a couple of times on this post, but not Smashwords. There’s a simple reason for that. From this point on, I’ll not be distributing ebooks through Smashwords any longer. The short version is that Smashwords is a real pain for formatting books, and doesn’t see the sales to justify the time invested. I’d rather put one great product out via Amazon (which is also simpler to buy from) than split my time between the two platforms. Never fear – if you’ve purchased any of my works via Smashwords, you’ll still be able to download them, but they won’t be updated any longer.

And speaking of updates, for the time being, the ebooks for Shadow of the Raven, A Matter of Belief and Queen of Eventide won’t be available on Amazon either. They won’t be gone long – essentially, they’re getting an edit and a tidy up now they’re not shackled to Smashwords’ odd formatting. If you’ve purchased any or all of these, your copies should update once the changes go live. Again, watch this space for details.

Phew… That was a lot of information in a short space of time, wasn’t it?

Here, have a picture of Marko modelling a copy of Queen of Eventide. If I’m honest, I think some of the themes were lost on him, but he seems to like it anyway.



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