Heroes for All:
Ripley? Believe it or not…

I'm seeing a bunch of memes and comments repudiating the idea that Wonder Woman represents a breakthrough for women in movies, and they do so by comparing Gal Gadot's Diana to Sigourney Weaver's Ellen Ripley (Aliens). Essentially, 'Ripley got there first, your argument is invalid, redo from start.' This idea misses the point. Misses it like a Stormtrooper shooting at a main character. And it's important to note why. (more…)

Heroes for All (The Sequel)

The better part of a year and half ago, I wrote a wee blog about how popular sci-fi and fantasy handle feminism. If you've not read it, you can find it here, but my woeful conclusion was 'not very well at all.' Well, eighteen months on, things are better, right? I'll have to go with a solid 'sort of', on that. See? There are lots of superheroines in the Marvel universe. Mind you, when Dazzler’s one of your leading punches… Superficially, things seem much improved. Since my original piece, w...

Up, Up and Away!

Batman v. Superman. It's not a great title, is it? In fact, it doesn't get a hell of a lot better when you add the subtitle Dawn of Justice. Nevertheless, I find the idea of Bats versus Supes interesting. Oh, not in how it plays out on the big screen. Every crossover comic ever has a scene where the two main characters duke it out for a bit, and then realise that they're really on the same side. Daredevil/Batman? Check. Punisher/Batman? Check. JLA/Avengers? Yarp. If there's a winner, it's normal...