Convergence, Part Two

This is a public service announcement from the Coldharbour executive committee. The second part of the Convergence serial is now available to download for free in both mobi and epub formats. 'Following Isra's encounter at Edgware Road, her partner, John Templeton, meets with an old friend. Can he unravel the mystery of the brooch? And what will he find in the dank depths beneath Chancery Lane Tube Station? If you missed Part One, or the preceding 'Survivors' short story, both are st...

Faces of Coldharbour:
Professor Mary Blackwood

It's time for an update on the Coldharbour board game, and where better to start than with a look at the agency's chief, Professor Mary Blackwood. At the start of the game, you're dealt three agents, and choose which one you want to use. There's no guarantee you'll keep the same agent throughout the game – there are plenty of dangers lurking in the darkness – but choosing the correct starting agent can prove the difference between success and failure. Mary Blackwood The Blackwood line h...

Underground, Overground

Those of you who follow me on Facebook (so, three out of the four people reading this blog) will know that I was lucky enough to have a peek around some of the disused and backstairs areas of Charing Cross station this weekend just gone. I can’t claim special privilege. All told, upwards of a thousand people will have seen what I saw. Every so often, the London Transport Museum (well worth a visit in its own right) organises guided tours around abandoned/curious bits of the Underground. This tim...