Commissions of all lengths and complexities undertaken at reasonable rates and with swift turnarounds.
Creative Consultancy

Have a concept for a new Intellectual Property and want to establish firm foundations? Or perhaps you’ve an existing setting that you’re looking to expand, but want advice on the best way to proceed?

Whether you’re planning to create or destroy a world, I’m here to help, every step of the way from initial concept through to style guides and project planning, until you have a completed, polished product.

Games Design

Have a dream project you’d like to get off the ground? An existing game that you’re looking to update? Or perhaps you’re simply seeking the scrutiny of a professional eye and some clean, actionable feedback?

Whether you're seeking an initial concept, a thorough redraft, analysis or playtesting, why not harness more than 15 years experience of table-top and board game design to help your product stand out from the competition?


Need a detailed nit-pick, or a broad overview critique? Concerned about your grammar and sentence structure, or do you want to polish plot and character arcs?

I offer a range of editing services, tailored to your needs, from typo-hunting to smoothing out feel and flavour. Just get in touch to discuss what you’re looking for.

Dialogue & Narrative

Do you have a videogame character looking for a voice? A war game in need of a story arc? A short story? A full-blown lore book? A novel?

Whether your requirements are top-notch prose, crisp character development, snappy action scene - even a sprawling epic to reshape the heavens - I can provide exactly what your product requires.