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Here you’ll find various reference materials for the books of the LEGACY TRILOGY, such as maps, expanded dramatis personae, story recaps and the like. Perfect companions for a leisurely read, or if you want to dig a little deeper into the setting.

It’s particularly useful if you’re listening on audiobook and can’t flick back to an earlier section.

All reference materials are spoiler-free based for the associated book, but have a care not to stray into later volumes as these will surely reveal all manner of arcane and interesting secrets.

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Legacy of Ash

Aedrun, Alros  –  Hadari warleader.

af Garna, Anliss  –  Thrakkian outcast and thrydaxe mercenary. Wolf’s-head. Sister to Armund af Garna.

af Garna, Armund  –  Thrakkian outcast and thrydaxe mercenary. Wolf’s-head. Brother to Anliss af Garna.

Akadra, Alika  –  Wife to Hadon Akadra. Mother to Viktor Akadra.

Akadra, Hadon  –  Member of the Tressian Privy Council. Once general of the Tressian Republic. Father of Viktor Akadra. Ebigail Kiradin’s lover.

Akadra, Messela  –  Young noblewoman. Cousin to Viktor Akadra. Niece to Hadon and Alika Akadra.

Akadra, Viktor  –  Champion of the Tressian Council. The Phoenix-Slayer. Half-member of the Tressian Council.

Ashana  –  Once-mortal Hadari Goddess of the Moon. Mistress of the twin realms of Evermoon and Eventide. Known as Lunastra in Tressia. By tradition, Lumestra’s closest sibling.

Astor  –  Lord of the Forge, worshipped in Thrakkia. Keeper of Skanandra’s mirrored halls and witness of valour.

Belenzo, Konor  –  Tressian saint and hero of legend. Founder of the Lumestran church.

Brass, Adbert  –  Sergeant of the Akadra Hearthguard. Ex-poacher.

Crovan, Drakos  –  Former Tressian soldier. Now the Wolf King and leader of the Vagabond Council.

Darrow, Hawkin  –  Wife to Vona Darrow.

Darrow, Vona  –  Lieutenant of the Tressian Constabulary. Wife to Hawkin Darrow.

Devren, Kos  –  Hadari warleader, in service to the Silver Kingdom of Rhaled. Kai Saran’s oldest friend.

Drannic, Hal  –  Hadari Immortal. Personal champion and bodyguard to Kai Saran.

Endala  –  Goddess of Wave and Wind. Once worshipped in Tressia, but supplanted by the Raven before the Age of Kings.

Forthinal, Aella  –  Sister to Aethal Saranal and Saramin Forthinal. Aunt to Melanna Saranal.

Forthinal, Saramin  –  Sister to Aella Saranal and Aethal Forthinal. Aunt to Melanna Saranal.

Haldrane  –  Hadari spymaster. Head of the Emperor’s Icularis and servant of Kai Saran.

Halvor, Revekah  –  Wolf’s-head. Captain of the Phoenixes. Katya Trelan’s closest friend, and Josiri Trelan’s confident.

Horden, Mikel  –  Captain of the Tressian Constabulary.

Ilnarov, Elzar  –  Tressian High Proctor and Master of the Foundry. Viktor Akadra’s mentor and confident.

Izack, Stantin  –  Redoubtable captain of the Knights Essamere.

Jack o’ Fellhallow  –  God of the Living Lands. Lord of Fellhallow. By tradition, the Raven’s closest sibling.

Keldrov, Arlanne  –  Major of the 14th regiment. Stationed at Ardva.

Kiradin, Ebigail  –  Pre-eminent member of the Tressian Privy Council. Mother to Kasamor and Sevaka Kiradin. Lover of Hadon Akadra.

Kiradin, Kasamor  –  Storied knight of Tressia serving with the 7th regiment. Son to Ebigail Kiradin. Brother to Sevaka Kiradin. Betrothed to Calenne Trelan.

Kiradin, Sevaka  –  Officer of the Tressian Fleet. Daughter to Ebigail Kiradin. Sister to Kasamor Kiradin.

Kurkas, Vladama  –  Captain of the Akadra Hearthguard. Veteran of the Battle of Zanya.

Lumestra  –  Tressian Goddess of the Sun, known as Astarra in the Hadari Empire. By tradition, Ashana’s closest sibling.

Makrov, Arzro  –  Archimandrite of the Church of Lumestra. Jilted suitor of Katya Trelan. Council Emissary to the Southshires.

Malatriant  –  Tyrant Queen of Old, known as Sceadotha in the Hadari Empire

Mannor, Torvan  –  Grandmaster of the Knights Prydonis

Marest, Abitha  –  Member of the Tressian Privy Council. Scholar of ancient texts.

Masnar, Kalla  –  Reeve of the Southshires inland port of Ardva on behalf of the Tressian Council.

Nomar, Marek  –  Steward to Ebigail Kiradin.

Orova, Roslava  –  Knight of Tressia serving with the 7th regiment. Close friend to Malachi Reveque and Kasamor Kiradin.

Psanneque, Anastacia  –  Seneschal of Branghall Manor (when it suits her). A creature of mystery and indulgent wiles. Josiri Trelan’s lover.

Rann, Apara  –  A vranakin, a cousin of the Crowmarket.

Reveque, Lilyana  –  Tressian noblewoman. Patron of the city’s hospices. Wife to Malachi Reveque. Mother to Constans and Sidara Reveque.

Reveque, Malachi  –  Né Malachi Satanra. Member of the Tressian Privy Council. Husband to Lilyana Reveque. Father to Constans and Sidara Reveque. Close friend of Viktor Akadra, Roslava Orova and Kasamor Kiradin.

Reveque, Constans   Son to Malachi and Lilyana Reveque.

Reveque, Sidara  –  Daughter to Malachi and Lilyana Reveque.

Rother, Markos  –  Grandmaster of the Knights Sartorov

Saran, Kai  –  Imperial Crown Prince. Ruler of the Silver Kingdom of Rhaled. Husband to Aethal Saran. Father to Melanna Saranal.

Saranal, Aethal  –  Hadari Princessa. Wife to Kai Saran. Mother to Melanna Saranal.

Saranal, Melanna  –  Hadari Princessa. Daughter of Kai and Aethal Saran.

Sark, Valmir  –  Captain of the Tressian Army.

Sartosa, Emil  –  Archimandrite of the Lumestran church. Scholar and mentor to Arzro Makrov. Confidant of Abitha Marest.

Savka, Elda  –  Eskavord’s apothecary. Calenne Trelan’s foster mother.

Sera  –  Lunassera handmaiden. A devoted servant of Ashana.

Tarev, Anton  –  Member of the Tressian Privy Council.

Tarev, Aske  –  Tressian knight, daughter to Anton Tarev.

Tassandra, Kaleo  –  Grandmistress of the Knights Essamere.

The Huntsman  –  Ashana’s equerry. Father of a vanished daughter. Bearer of an ancient debt.

The Nameless Lady  –  Inheritor of Mantles Past. Daughter of Tzal and Endala.

The Raven  –  The God of the Dead and Keeper of Otherworld. By tradition, Jack’s closest sibling. Known as Malgyn in the oldest of texts.

Trelan, Calenne  –  Caged free spirit. Daughter to Katya and Kevor Trelan. Sister to Josiri Trelan. Kasamor Kiradin’s betrothed.

Trelan, Josiri  –  Duke of Eskavord and the Southshires. Secret leader of the wolf’s-heads. Son to Katya and Kevor Trelan. Brother to Calenne Trelan. Anastacia’s lover.

Trelan, Katya  –  Dowager Duchess of Eskavord. Member of the Privy Council. Mother to Josiri and Calenne Trelan. Wife of Kevor Trelan. Sister of Taymor Trelan.

Trelan, Kevor  –  Duke of Eskavord. Husband to Katya Trelan. Father to Josiri and Calenne Trelan.

Trelan, Taymor  –  Brother and confidant to Katya Trelan.

Tzal  –  The Unmaker, the Forlorn. The Lord of Flame and a Blight Upon Worlds.

Vorn, Callad  –  Wolf’s-head and disreputable fellow.

Yanda, Shaisan  –  Governor of the Southshires.

Abbeyfields  –  Ancestral home of the Reveque family, located in Tressia.

Ahrad, the Eskagard  –  Mighty Tressian fortress, guarding the River Ravonn and the border with the Hadari Empire.

Ardva  –  Inland port located on the Grelyt River in the Tressian Southshires.

Athreos  –  Desert separating the Hadari Empire from the distant land of Itharoc.

Branghall  –  Ancestral home of the Trelan family, located in Eskavord.

Coventaj  –  Cavern hidden beneath Tressia, said to house a glimmerless river whose headwaters spring from a land of giants and depart the ephemeral world without ever touching the sea.

Darkmere  –  Once the capital of the Tressian Kingdom. Malatriant’s stronghold and now a ghost-haunted ruin.

Davenwood  –  Forest in the Southshires.

Dregmeet  –  Deprived and sunken district of Tressia. Home of the Crowmarket and rampant skulduggery.

Eskavord  –  Regional capital of the Southshires.

Eventide  –  Ashana’s realm in shadow, that swallows the glory of Evermoon.

Evermoon  –  Ashana’s realm in silver, visible in the night sky at certain times of the month.

Fellhallow  –  Ancient and mysterious forest. Ruled by Jack o’Fellhallow, and best left well alone.

Freemont  –  Ancestral home of the Kiradin family, located in Tressia.

Hadari Empire  –  Eastern realm forged by the hero of legend Hadar Saran. Composed of several great kingdoms and many client kingdoms. Ruled from the city of Tregard.

King’s Gate  –  Chief entryway into the city of Tressia.

Kinholt  –  Second city of the Kingdom of Rhaled.

Kreska  –  Southshires city. Home of the Grand Cathedral and the tomb of Konor Belenzo.

Mooncourt Temple  –  Temple in the heart of Tregard, raised in glory of Ashana.

Otherworld  –  The realm of mists and home of the dead that exists beyond the ephemeral world.

Ravencourt Temple  –  Temple in the heart of Tregard, raised in glory of the Raven.

Rhaled  –  The Silver Kingdom. Heart of the Hadari Empire.

Royal Tressia  –  Westernmost county of the Tressian Republic.

Selann  –  Tressian island. Toiling ground of indentured Southwealders.

Silvane House  –  Ancestral home of the Tarev family, located in Tressia.

Skanandra  –  Mirrored feast hall where the Thrakkian dead carouse throughout the ages.

Skazit Maze  –  Network of caverns and passageways. Used by Konor Belenzo’s rebels in the time of Malatriant, and again by present-day wolf’s-heads.

Strazyn Abbey  –  Ruined edifice in the heart of Tressia. A place of black rumour.

Tarvallion  –  Regional capital of the Marcher Lands. The jewelled heart of the Tressian Republic.

The Eastshires  –  Easternmost county of the Tressian Republic.

The Estrina  –  Artificial river, split off from the Silverway as it enters the city of Tressia.

The Foundry  –  Forging place of Tressia’s magical constructs, such as kraikons and simarka.

The Heartweald  –  Sprawling forest at the center of the Tressian Republic.

The Marcher Lands  –  Central county of the Tressian Republic. Sometimes also known as The Heartlands, and dominated by the sprawling forest of Heartweald.

The Silverway  –  Majestic river originating in the far-off Hadari Empire. Flows through Tregard and Tressia.

The Southshires  –  Southern county of the Tressian Republic. Rebellious district that grows defiance like crops.

Thrakkia  –  Loose agglomeration of feuding thanes, located on the Tressian Republic’s southern border. A wild and colourful land.

Tregard  –  Capital city of the Kingdom of Rhaled, and of the Hadari Empire entire.

Tregga  –  Regional capital of the Eastshires.

Tressia  –  Capital of the Tressian Republic. Sprawling city sat astride the majestic Silverway River.

Tressian Republic  –  City-State remnant of the continent-spanning Tressian Kingdom. Governed from the city of Tressia.

Zanya  –  Village, and site of a battle between Southshires secessionists and the Tressian Council’s forces.

Chandirin  –  Ghostly steed, gifted only to the chosen of Ashana.

Crowmarket  –  Association of thieves, murderers and scavengers, operating out of Dregmeet and beholden to the Parliament of Crows.

Cyraeth  –  Mournful spirit unable to cross fully over into the mists of Otherworld. While most are harmless, some are driven to acts of vengeance against their slayers.

Ephemeral  –  A mortal, destined to flare bright and brief in the passing of days.

Essamere  –  One of Tressia’s great knightly chapterhouses.

Eternal  –  One who has transcended mortality through magic and obsession and cannot easily die.

Exodus  –  Tressian Council decree by which Southshires rebels were forcibly expatriated and enslaved.

Firestone Lantern  –  Glass and quartz lantern, goaded to emit light by a spark of Lumestra’s magic.

Forbidden Place  –  A site where the divine leeches into the ephemeral world, causing great wonder and peril. Anathema to constructs.

Grunda  –  Leathery, horned beast often pressed to the business of war by the Hadari.

Gwyraya Hadar  –  The great kingdoms of the Hadari Empire.

Immortal  –  Elite warriors of the Hadari Empire.

Ithna’jîm  –  The folk of far-off Itharoc.

Kraikon  –  Construct. Bronze giant, fashioned in the shape of a man and armoured for war. Animated by a spark of Lumestra’s magic.

Lunassera  –  Ephemeral handmaiden of the goddess Ashana. Said to be chaste.

Prizrak  –  The ghoulish remnant of an ephemeral sent mad by lingering within divine mists. Driven by the need to feast on flesh, and weeps bloody tears.

Proctor  –  One who commands a portion of Lumestra’s light, and can issue orders to foundry constructs.

Prydonis  –  One of Tressia’s great knightly chapterhouses.

Sartorov  –  One of Tressia’s great knightly chapterhouses.

Serathi  –  An angelic daughter of Lumestra.

Shadowthorn –  Slang term for Hadari, used in the Tressian Republic.

Simarka  –  Bronze construct, fashioned in the shape of a lion and animated by a spark of Lumestra’s magic.

The Dark  –  Primordial force from which all life and creation sprung.

The Parliament of Crows  –  Triad rulers of the Crowmarket. Said to be deathless.

Vranakin  –  Member of the Crowmarket.

Abitha Marest

Anastacia Psanneque

Anliss af Garna

Anton Tarev

Apara Rann

Ardothan af Garna

Arlanne Keldrov

Armund af Garna

Arzro Makrov

Ashana / Lunastra

Aske Tarev


Calenne Trelan

Callad Vorn

Constans Reveque

Drakos Crovan

Ebigail Kiradin

Elda Savka

Elzar Ilnarov

Hadon Akadra


Hawkin Darrow

Josiri Trelan

Kai Saran

Kasamor Kiradin

Katya Trelan

Kevor Trelan

Konor Belenzo

Kos Devren

Lilyana Reveque

Lumestra / Astarra

Maggad Andwar

Malachi Reveque

Malatriant / Sceadotha

Marek Nomar

Melanna Saranal

Messela Akadra

Revekah Halvor

Roslave Orova


Sevaka Kiradin

Shaisan Yanda

Sidara Reveque

Stantin Izack



Valmir Sark

Viktor Akadra

Vladama Kurkas

Vona Darrow

Yan Braxov









Grelyt River

Hadari Empire




The River Ravonn

Silvane House

Skazit Maze

Tevar Flood



Tressian Republic