The only light is that which you take with you.

Caught between two warring nations, the village of Rackan has teetered on the brink for generations, its folk eking out a living on the edge of the Contested Lands. Now, a third power has turned its eye upon the helpless villagers. When the moon rises, the demonic whispering ones stalk the streets, spiriting folk away to the court of twisted Jack, lord of cursed Fellhallow.

When her father's pleas to the Tressian army fall upon deaf ears, Mira Torinsal agrees to bring tribute to Lord Jack, and plead with him to spare Rackan and its people. But no one goes to Fellhallow. At least, no one goes there and returns...

 "...a truly magical book in all senses of the word
...a darker, crueller and smaller scale fantasy outside the Tolkien tradition."