Carrie Valentine

Working for Coldharbour can really take it out of you. And yet, that’s far preferable to the reverse. Assigned to keep a close eye on black marketer Reuben Mason, Agent Valentine allowed her judgement to lapse. Her eye became a little too close, and then she found herself embroiled in Mason’s latest scheme – one that led to unsealing entirely the wrong door somewhere beneath Blackfriars Station.
He tried to save her, he honestly did, but nonetheless Mason emerged blinking into the light where Valentine did not. At least, not at first. Four weeks after her disappearance, Valentine was discovered by a maintenance crew in a disused siding north of the Rotherhithe Tunnel – pale, but alive.
It’s still unclear what exactly happened to Valentine in that vault, but it’s safe to say she’s no longer quite herself. During debriefing, she spoke of someone named ‘Velvet’ who kept her alive, but no trace of this other woman has yet been uncovered – or has it? The Carrie Valentine of the day is if anything, a kinder, more empathic soul than the one ensnared by Mason’s scheme. But at night? She’s sharper-tongued, more impulsive. Is Valentine possessed, or are two aspects of her own personality somehow fighting for control? Whatever the case, Professor Blackwood’s keeping her close, and under constant observation…

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