An exile from the distant realm of Vaalon, Asmund has adapted to life in London with aplomb. Certainly, he’s less trouble than most exiles, aided in no small part by a growing obsession with craft beer. Most days, he can be found propping up the bar of the Tapper’s Nook, though he’s eager enough to pitch in if Coldharbour have need of his looming bulk.
Nonetheless, Professor Blackwood’s policy is that all exiles – seemingly benign or no – are dealt with as sparingly as can be managed. No one has yet to muster the courage to point this out to Asmund. As a former Stelguard of Durannos, his pride is every bit as monstrous as his appetite. Judging by previous events, any attempt he makes to settle the slight on his honour will cause more problems than it solves. Enthusiasm can be a terrible thing.

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