Adam Walken

Adam Walken has served with Coldharbour since the late nineties – the result of a close encounter in the labyrinth of Elephant & Castle that curtailed a much-needed holiday. He’s never really made peace with the mystical side of his vocation, preferring straightforward – and invariably silver-tipped – solutions to matters arising within the Dark Tube.

Though theoretically based in the secondary headquarters at Charing Cross, with responsibility for the south-east section of the Inner Circle, Walken roams more or less as he pleases, and is as likely to be found out past Ravenscourt Park as keeping watch over the notorious tunnels beneath South Kensington.

This aggressive approach has garnered a wealth of neutralisation methods and critical information about the Dark Tube’s denizens, and mostly compensates for the attention Walken’s escapades tend to draw.

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