Quiz: To Which Hadari Kingdom Do You Belong?

The Hadari Empire is a vast realm comprised of kings, princes and nations all vying for position. They are seldom wholly in accord with one another … even if open conflict is reasonably rare. But to which of these mighty nations do you belong? To which flag do you owe your allegiance, whether by calculation or unthinking nature?

It’s time to find out. But choose your answers wisely.

Oh, and invite your friends to take the quiz … you’ll be better off knowing where they truly stand.


The line of Saran is…?

Authority springs from…?

Power and influence are best earned by…?

The Tressian war is…?

A new temple is consecrated in your realm. To whom is it dedicated?

Honour is…?

The greatest threat is…?

The finest prize is…?

History is…?

What is most remembered, when all other things are forgotten?

To Which Hadari Kingdom do You Belong?


The Silver Kingdom at the Empire's heart, Rhaled sets the standard for all other realms to follow ... and a challenge to those who'd steal its influence for their own.


Ruled by cleverness more than might, Silsaria is not afraid to stretch forth its armies, should it choose to do so. But the truth is, war is a formality already won through other means.


Steeped in martial tradition and a reputation for fearlessness, Icansae combines the very best and the very worst of the Hadari creed. There is no firmer friend and no fiercer foe.


Novona is as cold and calculating as the icy seas that border its shores. Your cities are crucibles of wealth and barter, your warriors the guarantor of healthy trade. After all, wealth grants status like nothing else.


A fractious border has taught Kerna the folly of greed, and a healthy respect for death. The realm seldom acts without cause, and never out of haste. Honour and status can be restored. Life cannot.


The kings of Demestae have ever prized status above all. The continuance of order and privilege are paramount, and not to be disturbed by the whim of changing trends or the outbreak of war.


Once masters of the Imperial heartlands, the kings of Britonis set great store in diplomacy - most wise, when one's borders touch on so many jealous realms.


The Corvanti are a faithful, solemn people, taught humility by the desert sands and the harsh winds that blow westward from Itharoc. Their respect for the Imperial throne is without measure - indeed, many of Corvant's people hold the line of Saran to be divine.

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  1. omg four days to go I can’t stand it. I have to know what happens to Viktor & Calenne (sob, sigh)! reread Legacy 1 and 100 pages in Legacy 2 re-read – trying to stretch them out so I can end one and pick up the other! come on per-order delivery better not ne late LOL
    Thanks for thee characters and story Mr. Ward.
    Also can’t wait to see what you come up with next – you’ve set a really high bar!

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