Quiz: Which God Are You?

The world of Aradane is watched over by many gods, though their truth and history is know to but a few. Some are worshipped, others reviled. Some are considered benefactors … while others are more complicated. Whatever the truth, it’s beyond question that the gods are real, so all that remains is to determine which among them you most resemble.

You divinity awaits, dear reader. Will you be a friend to ephemerals, or something else?

Invite your friends to take the quiz … it’s always good to know who one’s peers are.


Ephemerals (mortals) are ... ?

What is the Greatest Virtue?

You Involve Yourself in the Mortal World ... ?

The End of the World is ... ?

Your Gift to Mortals is ... ?

What is the Dark?

Your Fellow Gods are ... ?

Immortality is ... ?

Which God Are You?


Patron of the Hadari Empire, and Goddess of the twin realms of Evermoon and Eventide, you seek to be benevolent, but have been known to slip, on occasion. After all, life is complicated, and a divine life doubly so.


Wielder of Light and radiant Matriarch of sun-draped Astarria, you are known to be kind when called to it, and vengeful when there is no other recourse. Tressians worship you as supreme, and revere you as creator. The truth, of course, is always more complicated.

The Raven

Lord of Otherworld and Keeper of the Dead, you try not to refer to yourself as a god as it always seems to get folk's expectations up. Those who worship you tend to see their desires reflected, rather than the truth. It's all very tiresome and you wish they'd stop.

Jack o'Fellhallow

You are master of the bargain and the trade, forever fascinated by all the crawls across the mortal realms. You are a creature of thwarted desire, misjudged and disliked for no reason save prejudice. And everyone always tries to cheat you.


You are the god of flame and the forge, a smouldering flame that might yet wake to consume the world. Deeds matter more than words, and those who worship you are pledged to a strict code of honour. If only the same were true of your siblings.


These worlds are a burden. The folk upon them good only for fulfilling your many desires. Alas, they're so incompetent that even such simple tasks are beyond them, requiring a firm hand and a stern voice to help them achieve anything at all.


You are mistress of the wind and waves, treacherous and changeable unless your motives be fully understood. You abhor cruelty not of your own making, and empower those who have been wrong by those they trust.

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