It’s that time of year when we’re all scrambling around looking for gifts for those hard-to-buy-for folk. So in case you’re interesting in the double-whammy of grabbing a cracking read for someone (or for yourself) and supporting me, here’s a handing buying guide, complete with purchase links.

Legacy of Ash

Okay, this is the big one. My trad-pub debut from Orbit books. Described as ‘Game of Thrones meets The Last Kingdom’ by reviewers, it’s ideal for anyone who loves scheming, the clash of battle lines, and complex, flawed characters. If you want to know more, I’ve linked some reviews below.

Available in hardback (UK only), eBook and audiobook worldwide, and trade paperback (Australia, Ireland, South Africa.)

At time of writing, ebooks are a super-cheap £1.99/$2.99 but that’s sure not to last.


Starburst – FanFiAddictNovel Notions – The Fantasy HiveThe Fantasy InnSFFWorld


Two novellas set in Aradane – the world of Legacy of Ash – though many years later. They’re available in Kindle format and are completely distinct, so can be read in any order.

The Tribute is a dark fairy tale, following a young woman as she attempts to placate the mercurial ruler of a nearby forest and thus save her village. Redemption, divinity and sacrifice all play their part, making The Tribute a good pick for those enchanted by folktales and the dangers that lurk beneath strange trees.

There’s no redemption on offer in The Game. A master manipulator finds himself outplayed by the criminals he seeks to control … or does he? As the pieces begin moving across the board, it might be that no one is playing the game they thought. The Game’s a story for schemers. House of Cards, except no one’s pretending to be the good guy.

(Note that The Game was previously published in Grimdark Magazine’s Evil is a Matter of Perspective anthology, so don’t double-purchase).

Coldharbour and Eventide

I’ve pooled these settings together as they’re both present-day fantasies set in iconic English locations. Ghosts, mysteries and strange beings from where reality’s walls run thin. Perfect for fans of Doctor Who and Rivers of London.

If you’ve dabbled in neither setting before, the Edges of the World anthology is a great place to start. Five short stories (two Eventide and three Coldharbour) gives a taste for both. A murderous Cornish ghost? Strange happenings at mist-shrouded lighthouse? Hunting a runaway golem through the London Underground?

Sound interesting? Then Edges of the World it is. It’s available in both print and Kindle formats.

For lovers of the arcane weirdness of the London Underground, there are also two standalone Coldharbour novellas available. Join private detective Isra Samara on a treasure hunt beneath Regent’s Park in Roots.

Without going into spoilers, there’s definitely something nasty in the dark.

Alternatively, tag along with photojournalist Carlotta Bosco on the hunt for a murderer in Innocence Lost.

Both Roots and Innocence Lost are available in Kindle format.

Last of all, we have Queen of Eventide, a full length novel of ghosts, gods and Robin Hood set in (almost) present day Nottingham.

What has Maddie Lincoln done to draw the gaze of the Dark Lady of Eventide? Why is a spectral huntsman trying to kill her? And that’s not really Robin Hood that’s trying to help her, is it?

A fairy tale with a spooky edge, and a perfect gift for young adults on up – especially those with a love of historic Nottingham. It’s available in print and Kindle formats.

Whew… That’s It

Thanks for stopping by. If you do happen to pick up one of the above, please consider spreading the word by leaving reviews, ratings and/or tweeting manically. It all helps …

… and who knows? Someone might just find their new favourite story.

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