Two Weeks to Go


Edric and his allies barely survived the events of Shadow of the Raven, but tragedy isn’t yet done with the world of Aradane. As immortal forces close on the Tressian Republic, fresh wars threaten to engulf a fragile peace. But what are the sides, and where are the battle lines to be drawn?

Cast once again into a maelstrom of half-truths and subjective justice, Edric must discover the truth before the war to end all wars begins. Friends will become enemies, and enemies the unlikeliest of allies. And what exactly is the Light of the Radiant, and the hope it brings to a world teetering on the brink?



Light of the Radiant goes on sale a fortnight today.  Direct sequel to Shadow of the Raven, and set in the same world as The Tribute and A Matter of Belief, Light of the Radiant continues the journey of Edric Saran, reluctant ambassador and even more reluctant Crown Prince of the Hadari Empire.

I know you’ve questions after reading Shadow of the Raven. I know you want answers. You’ll find them – and all your favourite characters – in Light of the Radiant.

Pre-order your copy now, and have it delivered to your Kindle as soon as it goes live.


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