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You did see that the Kindle version of Edges of the World is now available to pre-order? You didn’t? That’s fine. Pop over and pre-order a copy now, following this link. It’ll cost you the price of a pint. (If you’re south of the Watford Gap, less than the price of a pint). Edges of the World contains five stories of mystery and suspense: Trailsford’s Archway, Weeping Marya, The Sigh of the Sea, Survivors and Convergence.

All done? Well, surely that’s because you’d rather buy a physical copy from me at Nottingham Comic Convention, isn’t it?

I don’t mind how you buy it, as long as you do, because there’s plenty more to read this year. You wouldn’t want to fall behind, would you?

Edges of the World

Speaking of which, I’m delighted to announce that Light of the Radiant, direct sequel to Shadow of the Raven (and set in the same world as The Tribute and A Matter of Belief), releases on the 28th of November. Edric and the other survivors of Shadow of the Raven return for another high-stakes adventure in the dark fantasy world of Aradane – and they might not be glad to have done so.


Arrogance is more dangerous
than a sword.

At long last, there is peace between the Tressian Republic and the Hadari Empire. But it is not welcomed by all. Leaders from both realms watch their counterparts with suspicion, expecting the swift return of the centuries-long war. But mortals are not the only ones readying for strife. Deep below the Contested Lands, cultists labour to rouse ancient evils from slumber. In the skies above, the legendary serathi, handmaidens of the Radiant, have at last returned from their self-imposed exile. But why now?

Once again, it falls to Edric Saran and his allies to unravel the mystery before it’s too late. The Light of the Radiant has the power to change everything, but at what cost?

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Light of the Radiant is available to pre-order on Kindle at £6.99, and can be yours in paperback for £11.99 once 28th November comes around.

With Edges of the World and Light of the Radiant, that’s a total of six books that are now (or will be soon) yours to own and enjoy – and there’s a whole bunch stacked up behind them, raring for the off. If you’re enjoying my writing, please keep showing your support by sharing this post, writing reviews and generally being awesome. If you like what I do, tell your friends, family – anyone who’ll listen.

Because the best is yet to come.

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