The Shadow Descends

So, it’s here. Shadow of the Raven has landed on Amazon in paperback and Kindle form!

An epic fantasy tale chock full of secrets, derring-do and betrayals, Shadow of the Raven picks up a few months after the events of A Matter of Belief. 

The war between the Tressian Republic and the Hadari Empire has finally ended, but trust is still a long ways off. Ambassador Edric Saran is a loner, exiled from his own people, and distrusted by the Tressians. But fate has plans for Edric.

When his only friend in the city is slain, Edric is thrust headlong into the struggle to shape Tressia’s  future – Tressia’s, and the world’s. But who can he trust? The city guard believe Edric’s a murderer. His own people think him a traitor. The only people he can rely on are themselves outcasts, with powerful enemies. But can he trust them? Tressia is a city of secrets; with the stakes this high, no one is above hiding inconvenient truths. Certainly not Edric himself, whose own past seems determined to haunt him, wherever he goes…

Shadow was my first (and still my favourite, in many ways) foray into original fantasy fiction. It’s great to see it in physical form at last (I still can’t really bring myself to read on a Kindle – weird, given I spend most of the working day staring at words on an electronic screen). You don’t need to have read A Matter of Belief. Every story I write is essentially standalone, with different tales offering extra nuggets of information about the characters and the world.

I’m not going to rattle on about influences, writing styles and ‘where’ Shadow came from – that can wait for another day. In the meantime, please use the links below to pop over to Amazon, grab a copy (or a free sample of the Kindle ebook, if you prefer) and dive in.

As mentioned previously on this blog, this is the definitive edition of Shadow; same great story as before, same characters, but tighter and crisper. Call it the benefit of a few years writing experience. If you already own a copy on Kindle, the new files should update your existing version. If you don’t own a copy yet? (For shame…) as with Queen of Eventide, Shadow is enrolled in the Amazon matchbook programme, so if you buy a paperback copy, you can claim a digital edition for free.


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When Ambassador Edric Saran becomes the chief suspect in a murder, he joins forces with a young noblewoman in order to find the real killer. But Edric soon realises the murder was only one strand in a web of mortal and immortal scheming.

Hunted by the law, and by vengeful servants of half-forgotten gods, Edric learns that there’s  more at stake than clearing his name. Will he discover the truth before the Shadow of the Raven descends, and the war between the living and the dead begins?


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