Solstice Surprise
Day Five: Light of the Radiant

I’ve saved the best for last.

I’ve been trailing the arrival of Light of the Radiant for a long time now (since the very first release of Shadow of the Raven, in fact). It’s finally coming. Honest. In fact, I’m so certain that it’s going to arrive this time that I’m going to commit to a release date here and now. Light of the Radiant will be available to own from November 30th, this year. I’d say mark it down in your calendars, but I’ll be talking about it a lot, so you’re not likely to forget.

Heady times indeed.

I’m not going to go into to much detail – there’s plenty of time for that. However, I will say that Light will be joining its series-mate Shadow of the Raven in paperback.

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The world is changing. The gods are waking. The battle between the Raven and the Thorn has sown the seeds of a new age, or should that be the repeat of one from long ago. New forces are work across the world of Aradane, maneuvering for a battle yet to come. As discord once again spreads through mortal realms, the divine serathi, daughters of the Radiant, descend from fabled Skyhaven on a mission of unification. But where is the Radiant herself? And what do the serathi want with Edric Saran?



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