Solstice Surprise
Day Four: Shadow of the Raven

Time for another reveal: this time the cover for the forthcoming definitive edition of Shadow of the Raven.

Shadow’s had quite a few covers over the last couple of years, but the definitive edition is the first to match outer glamour with inner rejuvenation. As with Queen of Eventide, this definitive edition takes on board all the learnings that have taken root in the time since it was originally written, leading to a swifter, leaner more exciting experience. Same great story, same lovable (and love-to-hate-able) characters – just shinier, crisper and all round better than before.

As with A Matter of Belief, I’ll be sharing the release date shortly. Unlike A Matter of Belief, this is a sneaky double announcement, because when the new version of Shadow lands, it’ll do so both on Kindle, and in paperback. Just like with Queen of EventideShadow of the Raven will be part of the Kindle Matchbook programme, enabling you to get a Kindle version and a physical copy for the price of the paperback alone.

When’s it coming? Well, watch this space.

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When Ambassador Edric Saran becomes the chief suspect in a murder, he joins forces with a young noblewoman in order to find the real killer. But Edric soon realises the murder was only one strand in a web of mortal and immortal scheming.

Hunted by the law, and by vengeful servants of half-forgotten gods, Edric learns that there’s  more at stake than clearing his name. Will he discover the truth before the Shadow of the Raven descends, and the war between the living and the dead begins?



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