Solstice Surprise
Day Two: A Matter of Belief

For today’s reveal, we have a sneak peak of the new cover coming to A Matter of Belief as part of its conversion to the definitive edition.

A Matter of Belief is a murder mystery set in the city of Tressia, and a standalone prequel to Shadow of the Raven. It’s the perfect length for a week’s worth of commutes, or an afternoon’s reading, should you have one to spare.

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“You can end up seeing the world as you want to see it,
rather than how it really is.”

In the city of Tressia, the last vestiges of Lumestran belief have been all but supplanted by the worship of Sidara, Lady of Light. However, change is not welcomed by all.

When a prominent Sidarist is found murdered, suspicion falls upon the outlawed remnants of the Lumestran faith. Sergeant Erika Nierev must catch the killer before the Sidarists take matters into their own hands. But Tressia is a city of secrets – secrets that will not be easily brought out into the light…


I’ll be announcing the release date for A Matter of Belief‘s definitive edition in the near future. What I will say now is that both the definitive version of A Matter of Belief and The Tribute are backer rewards on the Evil is a Matter of Perspective kickstarter. Pop over and pledge, and both ebooks will be yours in addition to a fine anthology of adversarial antagonists.

Otherwise, I’ll see you back here tomorrow, for the next reveal.


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